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I am the EAGLE from JUPITER.

My orders are to not attack any Jewish people or interests. I will not make Hitler's mistakes. Also never attack Russia.

Death is a false friend for it is transient. Place the golden scarab on the chest. When all the lights dim and the moths replace the candle light with embers of suffrage, let the tombs close. Upon that certain hour as the scarabs eyes brighten with the last breath of the dead, the heart will beat again to answer a committees call. Veins like vessels for rivers of blood will rush to the chest and fall into deltas connected to the heart. As the scarab takes flight,

the eyes of the capstone will flutter alive like the wings of butterfly.

I am adam,

the first man.

We must Militarize CERN.

My Book :

The preponderance that the multi-earth theory is fact is a difficult theory to rap one's head around. I would like everybody at home to try this, create a sticker of the earth front and back and place it in the center of a mirror and then place another mirror to close it, and then peer inside ever so gently. Each slide you see is an earth in another dimension; it is like a carousel of slides but once it closes as it should be, it is from point A. to infinity. Perhaps some of the earth are different in terms of the World Wars or at different stages in history; we can save lives in other dimensions.

Noah built the Ark and then the world was filled with water. One day the rain stopped and storms dissipated and Noah sent out a white dove to see if there the ocean was at peace, the dove came back with and olive branch in its beak and Noah knew there was land near. The land, once the tallest mountain in the world was now an island with an olive tree on it.

Creation is the habitation of the creator-word. Generative power and productive capacity must unite, the binary become unity again by conjunction, the word is the first begotten, not the first created Son of God. Albert Pike

I took a walk in the mountains near my home. Through the neck of the woods I went, to discover a brook with round stones of all shapes and sizes that made the riverbed and touchstones in the center. I sat on a boulder covered with moss and there in plain view was a Muntjac with eyes as black as midnight, on a night of a waning crescent.

It was post Revolution Iran, Tehran, check points everywhere. The Iran and Iraq war was going on. I was five years old and my parents to us to a party, a small gathering. Somebody was telling a story about how at a check point where a truck pulled up and by the driver's side window the soldier shot a warning shot in the sky, and that shot came down and killed the driver. I was listening intently and then I spoke up, I said it's not possible for the trajectory and gravity and velocity would make that almost improbable;

jaws dropped at my wisdom.

Due to the molecular structure of the hydrogen atom never being static in nature yet stationed in the center with electrons particles surrounding it, I thought we might take a gander at a microscopic photograph.

Quantum physics and the gravitational pull of the planets in movement, in relation to their exterior gravitational pull and asteroid and meteorites.

The moon has had many asteroid and meteorite hits yet it came from the Big Bang and is younger than the earth; could it be that there is an Entity, a God, that circumvents the astroids hitting the earth by calculation of trajectory and planetary gravitation pull.

Built in 1979 for me to attend, all street names are Military names except for Bill Clinton street (Aug 19th), and Prescott Bush street.

I have to think of the circumference and depth of my herb pipe and the buoyancy in terms of matter; buoyant force, to understand the net weight of herb that would fit. Then get THC content of said weed and compare that to an equation for lung capacity and THC smoke content.

The preponderance that the multi-earth theory is fact is a difficult theory to rap one's head around. I would like everybody at home to try this, create a sticker of the earth front and back and place it in the center of a mirror and then place another mirror to close it, and then peer inside ever so gently. Each life you see is an earth in a another dimension; it is like a carousel of slides but once closes as it should be, it is from point A. to infinity. Perhaps some of the earth are different in term of the World Wars or at different ages in history; we can save live in other dimensions.

Follow your heart as your mind may deceive you.

The castle on the bluff on the edge of the sea with outer wall's parameters shaped like a square was the only one in existence built into volcanic rock. If the drawbridge facing away from the sea was inviting, and if the archers in the turrets stood down, you would enter a lighthouse with a spiral staircase leading up to lantern that never extinguished. Though the light seemed to be a beacon for weary travelers of ships in the fog and myst of night, in fact it was and is circulating 360° and when the light is unseen, it is pointing inland

to a shiny city on a hill.

Berry Obama

A British WWII anti-NAZI poster.

We the United States of America are an ancient military Order.

We honor Christ, and fight in defense of the Capital of our former head quarters in the Holy Land.

BIG TEX says vote



The sickle cut the air with the sound of the strike of force that echoed the sorties of MiG-31BM overhead, we looked up and saw one by one the as the MIGs landed coming home from their mission, with each a spiral of jet stream from left to right. With the sun setting and their toils complete, men and woman with hammers and sickles in their hands, fared farewell to the fields for the night.

It is 4/20.

The honorable Chairman Mao once said that if a single blade of grass grows beyond the length of other blades of grass, then it must be brought down to size. Wise words, for there needs to be other in society, though I would respectfully add an additional thought. If in the field of grass, there is a rose, would you interfere with the rose?

A delegation from the Empire Japan arrived in Washington D.C. prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Ambassador and his delegation warned the powers that be in Washington D.C. of an imminent attack against the United States of America. The warnings of the Ambassador and his delegation were ignored. Pearl Harbor was attacked, and that lead to the involvement of the United States of America in the war against Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. Without the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States of America could have not saved Europe from the Nazis, for public opinion was against getting involved in the war in Europe.

There is respect for Washington D.C. for saving Europe with the attack on Pearl Harbor and there is respect for the Empire of Japan and all the men who worked tirelessly to insure that the Third Reich be stopped. Many worked towards a free Europe, whether in political circles or in the trenches.



In 1997 I had a dream that left a profound impact on me and still guides my actions to this day. I dreamed that i was in a esoteric environment of the Heavens, where my being consisted of a voice and the God's voice consisted of a voice greater my own, for he was a God of few words while I talked. The atmosphere was pitch black, yet there was tree there and I knew that the tree was there yet I could not see it, I could perceive it. We were looking down at the earth, and I spoke up and said "Why do humans act the way the do,? and the Lord said, "If you think living on earth is easy, then you go to the earth.”

The conversation I was having was in regards to the carnage taking place during WWII. I have made it my life’s mission to find out why so many were needlessly killed.


The School is meant to be viewed parallel to the streets. The Five Captains: Define Captain: The five branches of the U.S. Military, now six branches with Space Force branch. The School has nothing to do with the JFK assassination. Argo (interesting in Farsi, stands for: (code name Argonaut, one of the Conferences). I attended this school that was made for me, it is a good school. On my mother's side my great grandfather set up FDR at the Tehran Conference, subsequently there were other Conferences that led to the Balfour Declaration and created the great nation of Israel. TMNT. Built in 1979. President Clinton and I share the same birthday and he made it t the Presidency. Bill Clinton and Prescott Bush street.

The School is not punishment, it is a Military fort (or School) like any other. I have always been Justice. My 4th grade teacher's dad ran for the Presidency and I misspelled "potato," in a weekly spelling test and then the V.P. appeared on the television with my body double. Potato is in Farsi, "don't eat an apple from the ground."

My great grandfather and the gentleman

from the British Commonwealth.

My great grand father set up FDR at the Tehran Conference for little chit chat for the War effort, subsequently the Balfour Declaration took effect and the will, the struggle of the Jewish people brought into fruition the great state of Israel.

Argo, short for Argonaut was the code name for the Yalta Conference.

The new Iranian government took Americans hostage after the Soviet Union gave them images of the School, they said they were not blind to the American School , but that the Americans were blind; the Iranians misunderstood Argo.

The School is not about the JFK assassination, it was built for me to attend as

I am the first born in my family.

Robert Clive

I put one ear to the ground and i listened to wild buffalo being spooked by rain and rolling thunder, then I got up and dusted myself off. I went back to camp and said, "sounds like it's going to rain."

My goal is to optimize the efficiency and application of the technological data base capabilities of individual aerospace engineers in the defense industry via E.S.P. and thereby further enhancing the development of military equipment of the future. This will lead to the defense industry contracts that will further strengthen the military might of the United States, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China. When the Military industrial complex of the three Superpowers is on an even scale in terms on technology and might, then this will lead to peace.


Get ready; when I say that I am an Alien clone of Jesus Christ, I am not lying.

The Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Kent, in his Rose Croix regalia. He is Grand Patron of the Order, an office formerly held by his father, the first Duke. I am humbled and grateful.


As far as climate change is concerned, we have stopped the HARP program and the world's climate is within our control. Think about it like being in a vehicle with an air conditioner for the driver and one for the passenger, though the overall climate is affected, regions have their own seasonal weather that has to do with planetary alignments and pollution is a

threat to the environment of earth's atmosphere.

The rotation of the earth's axis in conjunction with the alignment and the dark side of the moon and other planets causes different seasons in different locations of the earth. Any disturbances in these alignment will create different regional weather on the earth and hence affect the global weather. We must study the moon. The world’s ecosystem is effected by pollution. With the industrial revolution blackening buildings with the soot of pollution, white butterflies became visible to their prey and most disappeared when they would land on blackened buildings. With out the white butterfly the world has something missing and that has repercussions, for what they feed upon and what they contribute to in the eco-system is a balance. Also the moon controls tidal waves and ocean currents. The Chinese Government is being responsible by studying the dark side of the moon, but we must all do our part and not pollute. When possible purchase biodegradable goods.

The Moon landing was on July 20th, the same day as the July 20th plot.

Tehran Conference codename Eureka.

California State motto Eureka.

I will move the u.s. capital to the west coast when I become president, like ronald reagan wanted me to. THe capital is n the left. 

My orders, world wide, are to not mess with the russians or the jews,

that is why hitler lost. we will win.

As the sword was unsheathed, a ghostly mist of a reddish hue gripped the hilt and a blue eye opened on the pommel of the sword. The unrivaled might and anger of the Viking bearer was no match to the conquered foe. The enemy fell flat to the earth as they gazed upon his sword and his yellow eyes.


You drop a rose into a well of water, the water ripples through space and time hits the edges of the well and returns to the center to create a water crown with a rose through the center.

The early sun pierced through the blinds of my bedroom, casting a shadow of stripes with stripes of light on her elongated seminude covered statuesque body. I turned the clock back an hour so the the alarm wouldn't wake her. She woke up anyway. I made a pot of coffee, as she lit up a cigarette. She went into backyard with nothing on my boxers on. She asked me if I liked Giger as I had a print of his hanging in the bathroom, I said I only like the Li print and that his work is too disturbing for me and that I found it interesting that there was no dichotomy between the name Giger and geiger meter and that nuclear

weapons are phallic extension of male aggressions, she raised one eyebrow up.

I foresee the greatest advancement technologically speaking, originating from the U.S., in the next few decades. Given what I know of project Blue Book and my own Project Red Book that I am working on, I can envision the future. With technology going to the Military sector at first then trickling down to the private sector, this advancement will be greater than the industrial revolution. With Wireless Fidelity in an advanced pilot helmet being triangulated off of satellites and or cell towers for low to the grown stealth operation, and the minute waves and or signals being sent out by the different sections of the brain (that Wireless Fidelity can pick up); the pilot would be able to maneuver the aircraft or fighter jet with his mind and also control weapons systems faster. Also let’s say that you are a Marine sniper with the sections of the brain having been mapped out, with certain medication that highlight the different sections of your brain and what is emitted from your brain advances your site, motor skills, etc.; you could also have a technologically advanced sniper rifle that is WIFI cable and correlates your helmet, cell towers, and or satellites. The first time I viewed a UFO it moved very fast, I saw one light source, then miles apart another light source; I thought that they were moving fast...I came up with this invention...invent a jet fighter for the USAF that has something in the front wings and nose of the craft in order to separate air molecules prior to acceleration. But I think that UFOs are time capable, and given everything that I know, I think the U.S. will be able to create a time capable craft within the next two to three decades (CERN).


The world economy, in a world of a free market system and the profitability of war. Following the devastating economic hardship placed on Germany after World War I and American companies support of the new Soviet government's economy, the prosperity of America's 1920's economy came to a halt with the crash of the stock market. FDR's domestic New Deal program, though effective in the short term, was still effecting the national debt. War is profitable to nations and unless the great powers of the world learn to live in an economy sustained by ingenuity, and a true free market system that does not see the prospects of war's profitability as a viable tool against economic collapse, there will be war again. In conclusion, in this modern era of the interconnectable exchanges of trade and commerce, governments and businesses should be prudent in their expenditures, and foreign mergers and acquisitions.


HENCE valkyrie ii


scrOll dOwn.

There many Alien civilizations,

not all are bad.

This quote by Virgil was put in the Freedom Towers for me because of Shanksville.

Here is a poem I wrote about 911: Those that perished are embedded shimmering stars that shine always and not just at night, though most of us can't see them, they are with us always. At daylight by the Atlantic Ocean as the waves crest the shimmering light reflects the embedded stars of our friends and loved ones and fellow Americans glimmer,

we bring their memories alive each time we visit that hallowed ground or a grave site.

He entered through a crypt beneath the Basilica, a crypt of catacombs. He removed false door for he wanted those following him to be guided to the same entry point. St. Peter's Basilica was empty and the Sun's rays that shimmered from the Dome's windows were panoramic and none from the center of the interior of the Dome. At a certain time, in the certain month and day, light emanates from the holy Cross in the center of the Basilica. He was enamored by the grace of the Lord. He fell to his knees and prayed. After a few hours of praying, he got up, it was night time by then. He looked up at the interior of the Dome and through the window he could see a full moon who's light shimmered on the cross. He was in awe.

I pray for both the Popes everyday, as they are progressive Popes who are good for the world, a world that often seems to be in chaos.

The new Department of Defense emblem with large eagle talons, not to be confused with Op. Eagle Claw where we lost brave Marines. This emblem is based on

the 17th Airbourne from WWII.

George H. W. Bush

Bismarck once said that the supreme fact of the nineteenth century was that Britain and the United States spoke the same language. Let us make sure that the supreme fact of the twentieth century is that they tread the same path.

By Divine Providence, the longest living C.S. soldier,

General William J. Bush.

My heartfelt prayers for those that have lost their houses due to forest fires, especially during a pandemic. In regards to finances, I barely make rent, but I am grateful for there are people hurting right now, our fellow Americans. During this pandemic, I urge companies and business' to allow people to work remotely and do not lay people off, whole families are counting on a single paycheck in some instances; the Government should subsidize loans for small business', with the lowest interest rate possible. If displaced by a forest fires with no fire insurance?, I urge the Governor to allocate funds for such cases. Also, please be vigilant when camping. Never throw a cigarette butt outside and always be mindful that

what you do can impact other people's lives either in a good manner or a bad one.

It matters what you know and when.


"The Lone Star State."

Last night I had three dreams, I will tell you about one of them. I dreamt that I was in Russia and I had my car with me, somebody had parked it in a garage for me. I was walking around an elementary school trying to fix the remote to my car, it had two wires showing; as I was doing so...I came across a woman and her son. The boy was standing and she was kneeling by a basket of cookies. She was very disappointed in me, I felt her disappointment. She said "I bet you would like some cookies!," I didn't say anything, then I woke up. Side note, at a park in San Diego I took a picture of

a woman and her son feeding ducks,

many, many years ago; the Russian woman was kneeling the same; it means we are not so different, but I didn't do anything wrong.

The greater good in military technology. Viewing the overall direction and picture of the battlefield while simultaneously paying attention to incremental moves. The ability to estimate the opponent's next maneuver is a valuable asset in your arsenal. Like playing chess but without losing the lower ranking soldiers. Think about chess in a virtual hologram of a battle field and add the power of air superiority, and the deployment of troops with technically sound capabilities and astute leadership with the ability to coordinate air power without collateral damage. And unlike chess there are no disposable assets.

Gather the facts, make an assessment, reach a conclusion, and then implement policy. With the virtue of patience, and the shrewdness of the knowledge and applied wisdom we can see the battlefield in its totality, your battlefield might be your brigade against a guerrilla tactically savvy enemy in arid terrain that you are accustomed to, or it might be any numerous number of moves in a snap shot of a chess game with a foe of same power and resilience and number of troops to start with like a chess game; however the battlefield is seldom like a chess game, in real life there are many variables.

The lotus flower is sacred to Buddhism, also the color of the Lotus matters as well. The Lotus blossom and flower were sacred symbols to the ancient Egyptians, and to this day the Lotus flower is Egypt's National flower.

At the end of the silk road there is a lake a top a mountain whom is guarded by the clouds.
The rain had conjured up the lake. By the lake, a harp played by the wind sang the notes to the tune of the wings of a hummingbird in flight near a waterfall on the other side of the mountain.


In the intelligence community it is imperative that the data and information collected at any point in time is verified through various sources. Mistakes were made in regards to the reasoning of the establishment of SVMS by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Since the School was not created for the Kennedy assassination, yet the intelligence collected from various classified methods such as the creation of emblems in movies etc., as an example, lead people to believe that SVMS was meant for punishment and punishment there in by was implemented without gathering all the facts.

i don't inhale the carcinogens of end my cigarettes cause it might burn my lips. The bitter Yeager shots after steak tartare makes me want to sleep, and when I dream, I dream of opened rib cages of snakes with their heads on hooks being

drained of blood for me to drink.


The Dream Stele.

Gilded wooden box carved with Bourque filigree locked with a heart shaped lock, was opened and the glass heart that it contained was filled with the emulsion of lava, as we wept around it, the heart,

it cooled and dissipated from it's earthy surroundings.

I did not know her in person, but if it were up to me I would give her a State funeral.

The Egyptian Soul:

the ka, the ba, and the akh


Star Wars meeting was about HIV / AIDS, hence the interesting sculptures in the background by President Ronald Reagan's United States Secret Service.

I do not think that the U.S.S.R. was to blame;

I think it was Aliens (there are others).

The world needs to fund AIDS research.

70,000,000 "people," have died of the AIDS epidemic.

We co-invent with Alien help, this does not diminish mankind's expertise, education, and know how. My goal is to optimize the efficiency and application of the technological data base capabilities of individual aerospace engineers in the defense industry and thereby further enhancing the development of military equipment of the future and that will lead to the defense industry contracts that will further strengthen the military might of the United States.


We should devise a stealth aircraft that can break the sound barrier silently by having a mechanism placed in the nose and and front wings for the efforts of separating air molecules prior to acceleration. We should also devise a spy satellite with thermal imaging capabilities that can view enemy targets in their compounds (triangulate) and then with the added feature of facial recognition software, we could read the target's lips and translate, say from Pashtun or Urdu to English.

I am implementing the next phase of project red book, and enabling man with some of the basic technological advancement that are available to Alien beings. Human beings are the great ancestors of interplanetary beings that take to space from the Earth, and the progress of modern society in cohesion with Alien beings that guide us at this juncture in time, is imperative to the progressive man, for whom the possibilities of the modernization of human society is not in conflict with historically detrimental obstacles, obstacles that befall to the old divisions of science versus religion. God, and Lucifer exist, also there are many different Alien civilizations. Let all nations take to this venture of advancing the human society.

A Ronin and a Samurai crossed paths on the shores of an Island. The Ronin said to the Samurai "We must fight," for he was angered at the Samurai, the Samurai said "I am just going about my way, and I am not eager to fight." The Ronin insisted on fighting. The Samurai said, "I will fight you on that Island, and he pointed to an Island across the way." So eager to fight, the Ronin jumped into small boat that was on the shore, and with a swift kick the Samurai pushed the boat into the sea, and then the Samurai yelled, "School of no swords."

Samurai and Ronin story by unknown

I am in favor of philanthropists donating their money to causes such as cures for Cancer and endowments for start-ups. I would like someone to invent an inexpensive laptop for rural Africa. In rural Africa there is no infrastructure for the internet, someone has to lay the ground work for that. Here in the western world, we take for granted the resources available to the general public, such as the internet and public libraries. With information available to rural Africa, the prosperity that we have in the west can be distributed by the means of a growing knowledge base. To collect vast amounts of data and information is very useful, but to combine that with wisdom, knowledge, and the nuances of culture will bring about entrepreneurs that will further build upon their own societies in Africa. Traditional thought states that the older a person is, the wiser they are, I would say that this is true in most cases, it is important what path you have taken in life and if you have learned from the past. I have great respect for my elders because I would say that most of them are wise. I would like to see Africa prosper and see the culture of their elders in the what they build and achieve, with help from the west. I also understand that first and foremost we must work on aiding the African farmers.

Nobody messes with the children, our side,

their side, all sides. 

I was in Hamburg again. I bought some Becks beer and headed to the apartment I was staying at. My friend was at the apartment and she said an owl had hit the window and left an imprint on it. I tried to take a photograph of the imprint but there was a lot of glair. I sat down and drank my beer. The next day we went to a cafe by a lake, the weather was grey and ominous. I bought us two coffees and all of the sudden the wind kicked up and near us was a swing set, she sat on one of the swings, and I sat on the other.