My invention for the U.S. Defense industry. An advanced thermal imaging capable satellite that can see through enemy compounds. Also combine that with facial recognition software that can read jaw movements of terrorists, and with the triangulation of satellites that will be able to see what the enemy saying, we will be able to safeguard the nation. If in a different languages, like Arabic, Urdu, or Russian, we can beam the information to a super computer in the U.S. that runs on a language algorithms program that can translate any language into English.

Another invention of mine is for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency. A super computer in the Pentagon that runs on a language algorithm program based on recorded antiquated cell phones, the triangulation of cell towers, and pay phones, and the triangulation of pager signals, to see if the criminal, or criminals, or terrorists, or any enemies, foreign, or domestic of the United States of America, and our allies have been working in detriment to the National Security interests of the west. With cell phone triangulation, we can tell who is who, and exactly where they are at.

My favorite star on the iPhone (Democrats), a blue star, (Red, White, and Blue), G.I. Joe logo, Bones Brigade, General Powell, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Buddhist writing on a grain of Rice. Dennis the Menace (Trump). It is imperative that work at CERN continue without disruption because of it's relevance to the future of the inhabitants of this planet earth, and the contemporaries. The work is inevitably a success in the future when the United States of America Militarizes the project. Any disruptions would equate to the past being either nullified or the past could manifest and effect the present that would then alter the future course of mankind. It is inevitable that the Quantum Physicists at CERN start to work on Einstein’s string theory, and stop work on the recreation of the Big Bang theory. We the United States of America stops going to space in the rudimentary way of space shuttles. They start work on convex wormholes that will be able to be controlled in front of future space ships that will able to warp time, and space, and we will be able to share a round table with other sentient beings. I know all of this because the Presidents did not choose their Administrations with having something to do with me, however they do mean something to me. Medvedev is Czar Nicholas II. Berlusconi is El Duce. Though I am weary of the Russians, I am optimistic about the plight of the West.

The hypothesis that has Physicist arrive at  certain conclusion, based of facts of meta physics in the multi-Earth theory, can have Quantum Physicists arrive at certain conclusions. For instance the Mason-Dixon line, established by the early Americans, was not throughly thought out in conjunction with Canada's Provinces when designing the maps of the States. Also there are repercussions in culture, for instance Canada is a British America and that permeates in their language, and culture. The Province of British Colombia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, are California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. I have compartmentalized more evidence that we are in an the accumulation of a multi-earth dimension of sorts, but cannot list all my evidence here. In conclusion, we should always have an alliance with the British Empire.

The world economy, in a the world of a free market system and the profitability of war. Following the devastating economic hardship placed on Germany after World War I and American companies' support of the new Soviet government's economy, the prosperity of America's 1920's economy came to a halt with the crash of the stock market. FDR's domestic New Deal program, though effective in the short term, was still effecting the national debt. War is profitable to nations and unless the great powers of the world learn to live in an economy sustained by ingenuity, and a true free market system that does not see the prospects of war's profitability as a viable tool against economic collapse, there will be war again. In conclusion, in this modern era of the interconnectable exchanges of trade and commerce, governments and businesses should be prudent in their expenditures, and foreign mergers and acquisitions.

China has had great economic success, and has risen as one the world's Superpowers. Wise economic practices and an inexpensive labor market that enables them to create goods at reasonable prices at a grand scale has lead to that success, they also have great knowledge of the demand in the market, and therefore they have a strong economy. In the long run I anticipate China will become more of a Socialist country with roots based in the central authority of the Communist party, Social-Communism. This will further strengthen their middle class and balance out the world economic market. As far as the United States is concerned in regards to the national debt, our founding fathers have created a foundation of a Democracy that is fertile soil for innovation and entrepreneurship. From the automobile to the airplane, to the cinema, American ingenuity and creativity will take us into a better and more prosperous future.

Confucius once said that the answer to meaning of life is within the leaf of a bamboo. I spent a week looking at a leaf of a bamboo. I got a magnifying glass and looked at the bamboo under different light, and after a week the answer was clear. If you have ever looked at the leaf of a bamboo, you would know that it is very intricate like a maze of sorts. The answer dawned on me, it is the Tao or rather the path that is just as important as the destination. The benefit of a weeks journey and the arrival at a conclusion, was the week's destination, that is a life lesson that I value greatly.

My birthday: August 19th

Page 367 Albert Pike's book Moral and Dogma, 33rd Degree. Celtic and Druid summer solstice.

The Villagers on edge of the town were weary of a friendly Dragon, but the Bear put a snare in a hen house, the fox sided with the Dragon, because the Bear wanted to catch the fox trying eat the hen, but the fox figured out that the Bear had incentive, the Bear wanted honey, and was bothered by the bees. But bees were smart and they sent out a worker bee and they stung the Bear, but the Bear survived because it a was big Bear, and this is the reason why Bears hibernate. 

Inner peace is achieved irregardless of nurture. Financial wealth gives status, and social class distinction that most societies respect. When financially poor there are mountains instead of hills, the obstacles are feeling neglected by society, and this brings resentment. To resent the status quo, and feel marginalized, usually effects the early generations plight in new societies, due to the fact of the process of assimilation takes a few generations. Do not let anger guide, for anger is false emotion that is based on the attributes of hurt emotion.

A baby owl was friends with a black Bear that had a pet Albino Bat with red eyes, they sat under the stars and a Cowboy said to them drink water, wake up early. The Ugle got up early, and woke up the black Bear, but the Bat never went to sleep. The Cowboy was making breakfast over the camp fire, as they ate, the Ugle asked "Who is who and where is where?" They answered I is I and where is right? The Bat said why did I fall from the tree?


I have to think about the circumference, and the depth of my herb pipe, and the buoyancy in terms of matter, (buoyant force) to understand the net weight of the herb that would fit in my pipe. Then I have to get the THC content of type of weed, and compare that to an equation for lung capacity, and the THC smoke content. This is all in an effort to see how high I can get. Now we need to add to the above equation: Smoking herb on an empty stomach, what type of food?, the individual's weight, height, dispersion of muscle to fat ratio, which affects the metabolic rate. Also on a full stomach you will get less high, and on an empty you will get higher.



A Goliath Beatle had a baby Panda. The Panda loved Allah but had lost faith, so the Indian Chief "Koala Bear," said "Scarcity is doubt to the worker ant."

we shall all unite against the Chinese 


My poems are in English,

 and can be understood in Farsi, and Arabic.

Above the entrance of the tomb a seal of Ra, a sun disk flanked with two cobras, and the wings of a falcon held up by a golden scarab. When all the lights dim, and the moths replace the candle light with embers, let the tombs close. Upon that certain hour as the scarabs eyes brighten with the breath of the dead, the heart will beat again to answer a committees call, and our actions of good, bad, righteous, or evil, will be measured with the golden scales that weigh our hearts with a feather, and a rock. If deemed to be redeemed, a golden scarab will take flight, and carry the spirits above the clouds to Heaven, as mourners mourn the dead with candles of vigil.

eagle copy.jpg

SERVICE: In the Holy Bible it states that nobody should add to the good book.

Also, the White House is in Washington D.C. I am somebody in my own right,

we are all important.


(D.I.A.) built the School in

1979 for me to attend, all the street names are Military names except for Bill Clinton street

(Aug 19th), and Prescott Bush street.

In the hatch there is a Kinder garden.

In 2006 I attempted suicide at my studio, I looked into a human anatomy book and located the jugulars in the print and then I went into another room, but before I entered the room I I said a silent prayer and made my peace with God and then I proceeded in cutting my jugulars and my veins. I did bleed a lot, then I took a fork and bent it so it could fit in an electrical outlet, and I survived, then I drove home, and tried another outlet, and only smoke came out, to my surprise I survived all of that and months earlier I had died while being waterboarded and I survived. Anyways, these day are a lot better and my I am happy that my attempt at seppuku failed, I think that God saved me. I have devoted myself to studying and reading the Bible and learning about the Saints.

Pope Benedict had the Vatican create a Saint, and Angels book for me, and I am grateful.

British Colombia, Canada.

The sun shall never set on the British Empire.

Fireflies illuminate lanterns along the streets that lead to gated passageways of sovereign temples. The air was palpable with fog enveloping our path, and the fog bowing before each step we took. As our exhales joined in the procession of our surrounding conditions, we were aware of how faith and fate would determine and manifest our ideals into our shared hands of destiny.

Spain sent the Conquistadors (Those who were on a Conquest) to a discovery to find spices for the Spaniards. The ships sailed along the west coast of California, and along the inlet of Baja California, and turned back to the west coast. They thought that California was an island, 

and they name California after a mythical story about an island of Amazonian warrior women. Whether it was a premonition or a sign by God one day California will be an island due to global warming, and the polar icecaps melting.


The castle on the bluff on the edge of the sea with outer wall's parameters shaped like a square was the only one in existence built into volcanic rock. If the drawbridge facing away from the sea was inviting, and if the archers in the turrets stood down, you would enter a lighthouse with a spiral staircase leading up to lantern that never extinguished. Though the light seemed to be a beacon for weary travelers of ships in the fog and myst of night, in fact it was and is circulating 180° and when the light is unseen, it is pointing inland

to a shiny city on a hill.



The systematic economic aggregate of the GDP, and overall wealth of a nation and it's connection to the population density, is one factor of many. A populous nation need adequate wealth in order to support the health and vibrancy of its economy and hence it's people. Now how the GDP relates to the overall defense budget and the incurring of losses of troops during war time is a direct result of the sustainability of the nation's troops training and equipment that is linked to the funds available to the defense industry of the nation.

RussiaFinal1 copy.jpg

In terms of sociology and the psyche of the masses, and cultural anthropology. What constituted early human society, and civilization was a tribe of thirty people or more, with a hierarchy. Early mankind would set up their societies near water, and they would hunt for food, and then they started to discover eatable plants, and later they had livestock for sustenance. There were other tribes by the lakes, and or the fresh waters. In the beginning some of the tribes clashed, and waring states developed, and when mankind's civilization progressed, then they started to trade with one another. Europe became successful due to the topographical map and the weather, and the population density of the different early tribes, and the different dialects, and or languages. Competition created a flourishing society. I am trying to see from a bird's eye perspective why the Gods are angry at mankind, and in particular with the west, and the key to the success of society has moved to the east. We stopped the government HARP program, ionizing the weather clouds, yet the weather has drastically effected the west. My conclusion is that the Gods are angry at the earth, and the systemic economic fall of western society, and the global weather phenomenon is in part do to the anger, and resentment of mankind’s plight for power, and aggression, that is one aspect of the turmoil of not letting bygones be bygones. Bygones be bygones was a phrase made popular by William Shakespeare. My advise to world leaders in the western world is to set resentment aside, and find a peaceful resolution to the anger of the masses. From a greater perspective in regards to the weather phenomenon, and the earth, the planets alignments are a key factor in the weather on the earth, and the seasons. Also the People’s Republic of China, and their success in this parallel Universe in becoming a superpower is in part do to they are being justified in their power. In the near future, I am praying that we can avoid the domino effect of war with the Chinese, for the advancement of the temporary revenue that would alleviate the G.D.P.s downturn in the U.S. is only temporary with war, for the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, war is profitable but not in the long run. Also we must be a justified Government rather than inflicting just authority, so justified authority rather than just authority. Innovation, and ingenuity are key to the western world’s survival. Buy American goods, and think about the ecosystem, buy biodegradable goods, and think about the root etymology of the word humankind, and mankind.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 4.45.29 AM.png

The honorable Chairman Mao once said that if a single blade of grass grows beyond the length of other blades of grass, then it must be brought down to size. Wise words, for there needs to be other in society, though I would respectfully add an additional thought. If in the field of grass, there is a rose, would you interfere with the rose?


Branches of Government are similar to a family tree, and once you realize that the tree is just as important as the branches, and that there are seasons that span in the life of the tree, and due to the seasons, and life span of the tree, the tree remains, and the branches revitalize, and carry the hopes, and aspirations of the tree with new seedlings, either by the wind or birds, then you realize that whomever is entrusted with power, and whomever is the patriarch needs to act in accordance with the thought of the branches in mind.


There are worlds beyond worlds. There are Gods that speak in different sacred languages. There is a beyond in the endless vastness of space where there is a reconstructed affirmative echo of the speeches of the souls that mirror Gods eternal grace of immortality. With each breath and path that has been selectively chosen on the Earth, an establishment is founded upon our disciplined actions of  good.

The effects of our causes is weighed and measured with golden scales of the lightness of our hearts.


Above the entrance of the tomb a seal of Ra, a sun disk flanked with two cobras, and the wings of a falcon held up by a golden scarab. When all the lights dim, and the moths replace the candle light with embers, let the tombs close. Upon that certain hour as the scarabs eyes brighten with the breath of the dead, the heart will beat again to answer a committees call, and our actions of good, bad, righteous,

or evil, will be measured with the golden scales that weigh our hearts with a feather, and a rock. If deemed to be redeemed,

a golden scarab will take flight, and carry the spirits above the clouds to Heaven, as mourners mourn the dead with candles of vigil.

In a personable mind that is in synchronized with the temple or the body that is the temple of one's Qi and balanced with one's

healthy heart, is a person who is receptive to new thoughts with a solid of foundation.


At the end of the silk road there is a lake atop a mountain whom is guarded by the clouds.
The rain had conjured up the lake. By the lake, a harp played by the wind sang the notes to the tune of the wings of a hummingbird in flight near a waterfall on the other side of the mountain.

A striking eagle took flight through the mountainous clouds, as thunder struck a mill in a field, elks locked horns, and ships crashed,

and the waves of the sea dissipated into the edge of the world.


As the tanks tread over the skeletal remains of the dead, the dust from the crushed skulls mixed with the exhaust of the war machine.

A war machine that beckoned soldiers to enlist and serve the cause. Weary and tired eyes witnessed the bombed out grand palaces of barons and dukes. The disarray called soldiers to hearken to their past,

a past long ago where there were forests, trees, and flowers that bloomed.


In the realm of the General's quarters, candles on candelabras light with the gesture of a nod as black armored knights keep watch from adjacent towers for enemy encampments.


The guardians guard is a shield of iron elevated with floral designs, completed by a master craftsman of a blacksmith. Intricate and symmetrical designs encircle the center that is a relief of an owl. The iron for the sword was gathered from the melting of iron statues that held a globe that rotated in water. The Sword was cast in lava and cooled with the blood of our enemies, 

and hammered with the blessing of Thor.


In an orchestrated symphony, with synchronicity,

the hammer struck the forging sword, as lightning struck with each strike of the hammer.

When the sword was near completion, the thunder gave way to the rain and the sounds of the rain on the window pane echoed the future tears of the families of the enemies killed in battle should the sword be wielded in war.


At twilight the regiments assembled with the organized skills of a unison and of a heavenly bestowed entity, as the Generals awaited the ordained approval of the decimation of the enemy.


In the eerie desolate landscape of the post war, smoke from heaps of rumble gave to the air in what was once smoldering infernos of buildings bombed by descending planes that gave no resignation to their orders of the annihilation of the enemy.


Methodical and strategic thinking and the applied implementation of it in warfare, in most cases will bring about victory,

though the main ingredient for victory is righteousness.


Gather the facts, make an assessment, reach a conclusion, implement policy.


Justified authority, rather than just authority.


Wisdom should accompany knowledge.


Conclusions based on speculation of your opponents maneuvers cannot be a summary
of assumptions reached only by individual perspective.


As the sword pierced the knights armor, inside the drops falling blood, a world where fleets of ships that are about to embark on a composed sea that would give to turmoil and endless rain on the enemy's house should the knight be greeted with death.
On command, the ships ready for a voyage of attack towards the mercenaries who drew blood, they awaited their orders,
resolute to darken the sky like a thousand ravens in flight.


The enemy approached without the respect of the conduct of a true warrior, and as my sword withdrew from his armor, it took his last breath to the hilt of my sword, the blood splatter of my dying foe inscribed "Bushido," on my armor.


In the black veil of a moonless night with only stars to guide, samurais leaped and sprinted in silence as the enemy grappled with smoke, the silence was only broken with the unsheathing of swords.


The ambassador's emissaries sent a delegate with two letters, one a red wax sealed letter with their emblem and with the blood of fallen soldiers, the decree with a peaceful objective, if both sides agree to an amicable temporary suspension of fighting, and if rejected, the other letter with a red wax seal with the enemies emblem and with the blood of their fallen soldiers, announcing total annihilation.

Like a leaf to drops of rain, in flight the eagle's wings fluttered in the high altitude of snow covered mountains. As the eagle dived to the Earth, amidst the mountains, forests, and trees, a lake reflected the moon and the traveling shadow reflected by the eagle in flight,

over the calm waters of the lake, for a fleeting moment the eagle's traveling shadow was in alignment
with the moon's reflection on the surface of the lake.


The virtues of a sunflower. In a desolate corner of a garden, a sunflower rejoices in solitude. With the calm rise of the sun echoed in nature, we rejoice at this sacred anthem. The rain felt neglected and brought a storm to bare. The wind cleared the clouds as the thunder dissipated. The day was at twilight when the moon and sun were visible. The moon was not neglected for the sunflower bowed as it rose, for the moon knew that it was illuminated by the sun's existence. 


Being respectful and kind does not deplete from your power.

The bats in the Cathedral's bell tower took to flight as the soldiers awoke to the ringing sounds of the bells of the Cathedral's tower.


With standing time, with awareness of all its surrounding the eagle with striking and refined precision, dove to the earth through the clouds and made unclear the blurred background. And as the eagle went from which it came, the mountain top above the clouds,

no one rested for they knew his keen eyes.

Let us awaken to the chariot that carries the sun across the endless sea. In awe inspiring mythos of the monument placed in Carnac that were reconstructed in a new land of endless grace, let us all heed with care and wonder of the ships that have paved the voyage.


Do not linger in the past, you will forget to live in the now, and when you live in the now do not forget to plan for your the future.

superman copy.jpg

Check my I.P. Address (Internet Protocol Address)

Joint Chiefs of Staff. Valkyrie I, the Op. to assassinate Hitler during World War II "Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries." Valkyrie II, the Moon landing was against an Alien Hitler for JFK, and Vietnam. They landed on the Moon on the July 20th plot, not Heiling, the Op. backfired and the Aliens created the AIDS virus, and judging from those that died in the 1970s and early 1980's Gia Carangi, Rock Hudson, Wilt Chamberlain, Freddy Mercury, etc. the progression of the virus is to a certain extent. I think that the virus was introduced by an Alien Hitler somewhere in the early 1970's. This is very complex. I enacted Op. Valkyrie III against an Alien Hitler, and I painted a 1 Russian Ruble coin to have Barry Obama elected President because his face is in a Hieroglyphics at Giza, I needed back up from Orion. I also got back up from the Messier Galaxies. I am from Krypton, I am one of few, I am Superman. The Fortress of Solitude fell in a meteor shower off the west coast of Washington State.


There is a Rapper named slug, a snail.


Berlusconi is El Duce, but he in not a real Fascist.

Putin is nice, and Medvedev is a good Russian,

he is Czar Nicholas II.


A yellow oleander tree covered in snow dotted the snow capped mountain. Bone chilling wind howled like hungry wolves at a full moon.

I came across a broken arrow, and when I picked it up I noticed drops of blood in the snow. As I followed the drops of blood they grew in circumference. Then I came across pools of steaming blood. My belly became warm as I approached. The man had already passed with a sword in one hand and the other an open palm. I placed the broken arrow in his palm and closed his hand, and then I tilted his head back and put two coins on his eyes, his mouth opened and the warmth from his body let out steam in cold air. I took his sword and put his palms together then I knelt down and whispered "I will avenge your death.”

Death is a false friend for it transcends human understanding. Place the golden scarab on the chest, when all the lights dim and the moths replace the candle light with embers of suffrage, let the tombs close. Upon that certain hour as the scarabs eyes brighten with the last breaths of the dead, the heart will beat again to answer a committees call. Veins like rivers of blood will rush to the chest and fall into deltas connected to the heart. As the scarab takes flight, the eye lids of the scarab will flutter alive like the wings of a butterfly.

The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

A Bedouin unearthed a lamp at the entrance of a cave that had a door with a lock on it, and a Jinn emerged, and said Abracadabra, and all of the sudden the Jinn disappeared into the lamp, leaving the Bedouin with a key. The Bedouin unlocked the door, and a blue beam from a blue nebula impacted the ground above the cavern of a cave of stalagmites. In the midst of the cave there was a geometric looking robotic golden Eagle, and the Bedouin hopped on the Eagle's back, and the water in the cave gave rise, and the robotic golden Eagle, and the Bedouin took to flight from the cave, and through the back of the cave where a newly formed cavern had imploded exposing a vast forest of rivers and deltas below, the water from the cave formed a waterfall, and the Eagle emerged out of the eye of Teddy Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore, flying high above the clouds to a gold gated Castle that had golden armored knights that were on the left, and the right of the drawbridge. The knight on the left put his left foot to the foot of the knight on the right, simultaneously, and simultaneously they crossed their battle axes together, and yelled "Halt, who goes there?" And the Bedouin took off his keffiyeh, and said "It is me Lawrence, a Brethren, and I am a

Knights Templar, and then each knight withdrew to their positions, and General Washington appeared, and I stood my ground, and he presented me with a key.


One of my inventions for the U.S. Defense industry was a Spy satellite. A spy satellite with advance thermal imaging capabilities that can see through enemy compounds and friendly compounds a like; this in conjunction with facial recognition software that can read lips and triangulated with other satellites and beam to a super computer in the Pentagon that runs a language algorithm program that can translate any language into American English. Also with facial recognition capabilities, we can run terrorist facial features in the data base to see if the said individual was previously known to us. We can read a license plate from space.

Another invention of mine is an algorithm based super computer that has a voice recognition software based on recorded voices from antiquated cell phones, Prison calls, and home phones. With this invention we could catch criminals and terrorists and disrupt their network; this is my invention for the D.I.A. and N.S.A.


The greater good in U.S. Military technology. Viewing the overall direction and picture of the battlefield while simultaneously paying attention to incremental moves. The ability to estimate the opponent's next maneuver is a valuable asset in your arsenal. Like playing chess but without losing the lower ranking soldiers. Think about chess in a virtual hologram of a battle field and add the power of air superiority, and the deployment of troops with technically sound capabilities and astute leadership with the ability to coordinate air power without collateral damage. And unlike chess there are no disposable assets.

Gather the facts, make an assessment, reach a conclusion, and then implement policy. With the virtue of patience, and the shrewdness of the knowledge and applied wisdom we can see the battlefield in its totality, your battlefield might be your brigade against a guerrilla tactically savvy enemy in an arid terrain that you are not accustomed to, or it might be any numerous number of moves in a freeze frame, with the sequence of pictures of a chess game with a foe of same power and resilience and number of troops to start with, like a chess game; however the battlefield is seldom like a chess game, there are variables. Do not be shortsighted.

At the end of the silk road there is a lake a top a mountain whom is guarded by the clouds.
The rain had conjured up the lake. By the lake, a harp played by the wind sang the notes to the tune of the wings of a hummingbird in flight near a waterfall on the other side of the mountain.