To my possible detriment, I am declassifying this: I communicate with Orion through E.S.P. and small pings in my body (my blood pulsates minutely in different locations), and I know what to say and not what not to say. My eyes are normal except I see red, white, and green for communication of when I should stop or do a certain thing, it is rudimentary, I am hoping to be at full capacity in a few years. We have also release the spirits from their modules in space, they communicate to me through pings outside of my body.


I named this Op. Operation Valkyrie II, as the July 20th plot was on the same day as the Moon landing. My operation was against Jupiter for crimes against humanity for he and his regime had sided with Nazi Germany. Also I believe that since my gripe was about all the White men that died, Jupiter (time capable) dropped the AIDS virus that primarily effects Africans and the LGBT community.


Jupiter, I would like peace, and in return I want humanity to have a seat and a say at a intergalactic council of Alien beings, like the United Nations. Also I would like global warming to be curtailed. Respectfully, John Sharifi.