Confucius said that the answer to the meaning of life is within the leaf of a bamboo. I spent a week looking at a leaf of a bamboo. I got a magnifying glass and looked at the bamboo leaf under different light, and after a week the answer was clear as day. If you have ever looked at the leaf of a bamboo, you would know that it is very intricate like a maze of sorts. The answer dawned on me, it is the Tao or rather the path that is just as important as the destination, as opposed to just the destination. The benefit of a weeks journey and the arrival at a conclusion was the weeks journey and destination, and that is a life lesson that I value greatly.

In the dreary dread of snow when most are in heated houses Ivan and Marya were warm and playful by the grace of God, you see they were both abandoned before they could remember. One morning the gray clouds parted yet you could still see sun through the lighter color of white clouds, Marya had an idea and she told Ivan to follow her near a brook. "Let's create a snow maiden," said Marya! So Ivan and Maya started to gather snow and soon enough the snow maiden took form. Ivan asked "What should we call her,?" "Svetlana," replied Marya. There was only a few weeks left of the winter, the children played and danced and sung with Svetlana, but time came when they stopped visiting Svetlana by the brook and the sun was getting hotter. Svetlana would cry by herself and there came a day when winter turned into fall and Svetlana and her tears became a part

of the water of the brook.